Photography and Pop-ups

Photo editor Josh Haner and  multimedia producer Zach Wise invited me to create   360-degree  portraits of my project, “We Are Tiger Dragon People.”

In the Summer of 2010 I worked with M ssing P eces on an animated video introducing GE's new OLED flexible lights for a TED audience.

The Story of Light

In 2010 I went to Ojai, CA to work with Jamie Caliri of Duck  Studios as paper engineering consultant and fabricator for 3 60 second commercials  for the Children's Medical Center in Texas. "Brooke's Broken Heart" recently won an Annie award for best animated TV commercial.

10 36x53" photographic pop-up books of "Haunted Philly".

10 of 21 photographic pop-up books from "My First Pop-up Books" series.

A wedding proposal pop-up book, Rubin picked the elements and I put them all together.
Read their story here!

An animation of 10 books from "We are Tiger Dragon People"

Pop-up Ribcage lit up with Arduino, ATtiny and LEDS.

Fort Mifflin Casemate #5 lit up with Arduino, LEDs and Passive Infrared Sensor.

A short animated clip created in 5 hours ( pop-up construction + animation) with a group of students as part of 2 day pop-up + stop motion workshop by Colette Fu & Helena Bulaja in collaboration with DECro and Film Forum Zadar. Click here to play.